Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel

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You can access lots of places to visit from Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel by walking or by bus.

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Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel, pays attention to service quality and friendly behaviour to it's guests.

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Around the hotel, there are lots of activities you can choose. Like historical, natural, adventurous and more...

Tu Casa Gelidonya

Located under the skirts of Taurus Mountains, Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel is offering unique service with new, dynamic and friendly crew. Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel has both offers as City Hotel and as a Holiday Hotels to guests. Hotel is 800 meters from the city center. Hotel is 500 meters to high quality night clubs. Live the lovely and unforgetable mediterranean nights with Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel. Sip your tasty drink and enjoy the special prepared beach, mediterranean sea and sun.Good quality food and drinks, friendly crew and from now on a hotel you will feel like "Home" Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel.

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